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Most restaurant customers like sitting at beer gardens or any other outside space . Thanks to the retractable enclosure you can transform indoor space into outdoor in just few seconds. On rainy, cold or windy days the enclosure protects your customers from the elements and on sunny days you simply slide the enclosure away and let your customer enjoy the pleasant sunshine. Only this way you can fulfil potential of your outside space and attract more business. Contact us and get a free project quote for your higher incomes!


Zastřešení HORECA



Patio enclosures for restaurants, hotels and cafés extend your season to 365 days - now you can take advantage of your outside sitting in any weather, any time of the year - it doesn't matter if it is snowing, raining, misty or sunny. This investment to retractable HORECA enclosure is worth it. 




  • Longer season = higher revenue
  • Protection against bad weather
  • Fully lockable enclosure allows you to leave furniture outside
  • Limits presence of insects
  • Attractive and unique feature which adds value to your business
  • Quick return of your investment
  • No dust or noise from outside
  • Simple manipulation and easy maintenance of the roofing




Because we understand that terraces always have their own characteristic dimensions, we make all enclosures to suit your needs from strong aluminium profiles. We use scratch-resistant polycarbonate sheets or safety glass as filling. The enclosure door is equipped with a lock as standard. Depending on the individual models, the enclosure can be fitted with accessories such as a roof sunshade, side screen blinds or night LED lighting. For an optimal matching between building and enclosure, functionality and use of the terrace space, you can choose from our range of different systems below. The best way to choose what you need is to consult our professionally trained staff who have years of experience in the field. 


STYLE patio enclosures are ideal to enclose a very large outdoor seating areas like hotel outdoor patios, restaurant front gardens or cafes



CORSO sliding system with flat or arched roof


PERGOLA VENTI – a system that allows individual enclosures to be connected to each other to maximise the enclosed area



VISION – model of enclosure used for the deck of the ship



ORLANDO – enclosure model suitable for many purposes


OVERSIZED use of different enclosure models